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Two Underdogs Agree...

Undoubtedly Alan Moore then Neil Gaiman's revisionist graphic novel, "Miracleman", is one of the very best pieces of 21st century literature that you've probably never heard of, much less read. Why, you ask? Well, there are several reasons: its publisher (Eclipse) was bankrupted, the character and his name was forever in the courts disputed, and the power struggle between the many entities who claimed ownership to Miracleman (aka Marvelman) stifled this magnificent epic from being re-released. Fortunately, as of 2009, many of these issues have resolved. Unfortunately, Marvel Comics (being more of a money making machine, than purveyor of quality storytelling) now owns the rights to Miracleman, and has held onto these stories as would a miser to his gold, and there is still no word about when (or whether) Moore's and Gaiman's work will ever see the light of day. And, to set the record straight, of the many battling factions, both Moore and Gaiman played the consumate good guys, being the most generous in their concessions regarding the Miracleman character and his story.

There too was a cartoon character, a super dog to be exact, from the 1960s named Underdog, who was the beloved hero to many a child who watched Saturday morning cartoons during the 60s and 70s. Unfortunately, in 2005, in bad taste and poor execution, a cheesy live-action adaptation (along with merchandise) was made grossing around $42M and being rated by Rotten Tomatoes at a staggeringly low 16%. Was it worth it to demoralize an entire generation for these measly returns for a only a few people?

My point being that in both cases the desire for a few property minded entities to carelessly exploit and capitalize on these two projects corrupted their artistic intent as well as the adoration felt by millions of people.

Thus, the original title for this piece was "Two Underdogs Agree... Capitalism is Cold"

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