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Amourdian (w/ Max Baloian)

To be honest with you, I have never seen a person play accordion quite like Max Baloian. And coming from a person, such as myself, who lives in New Orleans, where every fifth musician plays an accordion, it's not unlike comparing sex to making love: both are wonderful expressions of the human psycho-emotional-spiritual-physical experience, but the latter is, quite frankly, gorgeous to behold and be captivated by. Well, like Freddi Price (who I mention in the photo before this), Max is a member of Rube Waddell, being a band of "cast-off parts, twisted scraps, and rusty hinges of blues, gospel, country, American and Irish Folk, punk [and] rock [combined with] comic Vaudeville, German theater, Mexican Banda, Middle Eastern and Asian ditties into a raw junkyard stew stirred [with a] varied array of traditional and homemade instruments." He too was/is a member of Faun Fables and Polkacide.

To learn more about Max and Rube Waddell, please visit...

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