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God Complex

Since 1998 I have pursued photography with a particular emphasis on art, culture, subculture, performance, environment, history, and political advocacy; having developed my own visual language through engaging in a myriad of challenges and stylistic approaches throughout the years which include documentary, editorial, fine art, portraiture, live performance, and advocacy photography. As a result, I have produced still-image documentaries that has been described as "raw", "compelling", "powerful", "moving" and "affective", while my body of fine art imagery has been characterized as "strangely beautiful", "provocative", "surreal", "haunting", and even imbued with a "sense of humor".

From 1999 to 2006, I documented an extensive cross-section of the underground communities that both inhabited and defined San Francisco's cultural and performance underground. This included five years of documenting the Burning Man arts festival; three in an official capacity.

From 2006 to 2008, I chronicled New Orleans following the devastation visited upon the city by Hurricane Katrina and the flood that followed.

In 2010, I returned to the Gulf Coast as a photojournalist to cover the BP Oil Spill.

In recent years, in addition to being a rock, theater, portrait, and an event photographer, in 2017, I took on a weekly college radio DJ gig (on WTUL under the moniker, Kaiju, for those who are interested).

As for what the near future holds? Concurrent to finally laying out and publishing some of my older book projects, I too hope to soon be gathering imagery for a new book project about New Orleans' homes, of course, from my own, unique perspective. Once I am able to get my hands on a Canon EOS 11-24 f4 lens, I'll be off to the races.