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Throughout my career I have pursued photography and writing with a passion for culture, society, environment, history, and creative endeavor while encouraging inquiry, dialogue, and positive change. Though I started my photographic career in 1998 with hopes to work for the likes of National Geographic and Smithsonian Magazine, I have long since developed my own visual language through engaging in a myriad of challenges and stylistic approaches that include documentary, editorial, fine art, portraiture, live performance, and advocacy photography. As a result, I have produced visual reportage that has been described by viewers as "raw", "compelling", "powerful", "moving" and "affective", while concurrently my body of fine art imagery has been characterized as "strangely beautiful", "provocative", "surreal", "haunting", and even imbued with a "sense of humor". From 1999 to 2006 I explored an extensive cross-section of subculture that defined San Francisco's cultural and performance underground during the transition into the new millennium. This included five years of documenting culture, landscape, events, and process at the Burning Man arts festival. From 2006 to 2008 I chronicled New Orleans and its inhabitants following the devastation visited upon the region by Hurricane Katrina. Then, in 2010, I returned to the Gulf Coast as a photojournalist to cover the BP Oil Spill. In recent years I have been exploring different approaches to both visual and aural art as I prepare for my next project, entitled “Sacred Landscapes”, which I will initiate in 2014 with the hope of acquiring adequate funding. In the meantime, I will be working as a freelance regional staff photographer for Rock N Roll Industries magazine and working on my own creative projects.